Running to a Beat


IMG_4604Sometimes I find myself getting really bored when I run, especially when I’m running on a treadmill. To keep my mind occupied, I’ve found that listening to music is really helpful. Music can be a good motivator if you make an upbeat, energetic playlist to run to. The downside of that is sometimes it can mess up your pace if you unconsciously go a little faster when a song with a quicker beat comes on. However, that can actually be used to your advantage with a new app for iPhones called Cruise Control:Run. You just enter the pace you want to run and it helps control your pace by subtly increasing or decreasing the speed of the music. So by running with the beat it gives, you’ll meet your goal pace. I haven’t tried the app out for myself yet, but as soon as a fairly warm day makes an appearance I plan on going on a nice, long outdoor run and checking it out. Go see for yourself the difference a good playlist can make in your run.


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