Jane Wayne

Unfortunately for me, I woke up feeling like death this morning- fever, aching, the whole package. Because of this, I’ll have to skip my workout this evening and spend some extra time in bed. Instead of physically getting up and working out, I’ve been reminiscing about last spring when I went out to Camp Lejeune in North Carolina to visit my brother, Tim, on Jane Wayne day. That was definitely a workout!


Jane Wayne day allows the Marines’ spouses and family members to get a little taste of what their Marine goes through. I did a modified version of their combat fitness test(CFT), learned a little bit of their MCMAP combat system, wore flak and Kevlar all day, shot an M-16 service rifle and SAW, and rode in the back of a 7-ton along with viewing several of their other vehicles. I knew what my brother did was tough, but I gained a whole new respect for him and the rest of the service men and women that day.


Experiencing first hand how hard those Marines work to stay in shape provided me with some extra fuel for my workouts that is still helping me a year later. There’s definitely a reason that Marines are the few and the proud!


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