Lost Valley

The weather has been cold and wintry lately so I haven’t been able to spend much time outside. Being cooped up has me itching for warmer weather to come and stay so I can start running outside  and hiking again. However, until I actually get that, I’ll have to be satisfied with running on a treadmill and reminiscing about outdoor adventures last spring. Before Timothy was deployed last year, Joseph, Nathan, and I went hiking with him to a place called Lost Valley. It’s a gorgeous trail.


We veered off the path a few time to do some extra exploring in a couple of really neat caves. That’s what’s so great about hiking. It’s impossible to get bored because there are so many places to go and sites to see along the way.

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Aside from being a fun past time, hiking is extremely  beneficial to your health just like any exercise. The main difference is that on a hike, you’re too busy having fun and soaking in the beautiful scenery to realize that you’re actually giving your body a workout.



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