Reasons to Run

The sense of accomplishment you feel after a race is great. However, if that’s not enough incentive to make you want to sign up for one, keep in mind another great aspect of racing. What might this other great thing be, you ask? Free stuff! Race packets are usually filled with all sorts of goodies and a t-shirt. I use to joke and say that I only sign up for races to get a free shirt. While I do really love working on my growing race t-shirt collection, it’s not quite the only reason I run.

IMG_4354Running in races is great for you as an individual because it keeps you healthy, gives you a sense of accomplishment, and rewards you with free goodies. Those things are all great, but one thing  I really love about running is that it’s also a way to give back. By signing up for a race and paying the registration fee, you can give back to the community. Different races donate to different charities. They can range from cancer research organizations to habitat conservationists and everything in between. This Runner’s World article provides a long list of organizations that are commonly supported by races. Whether you run to benefit yourself or others, you’re sure to feel good about yourself either way.


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