Back to the Basics


Not every workout needs to be one that leaves your muscles quivering, your pulse racing, and your breath short. Some days the best form of exercise you can give your body is simply going for a walk. Your body needs time to heal from those more demanding workouts, and a long walk one day will help loosen up your muscles and give them time to recuperate and strengthen.  Walking is therapeutic for both the body and mind. This site shares several benefits of a long walk:  It can be a great time to reflect and relax. I always look forward to days I can take it easy and go for a walk with my little dog, Hallie. We love walking at our local nature trail. If you don’t live near any trails, can help you plan your own route. When I go on walks, I prefer to bring my furry friend with me, but walks are great with or without a four-legged companion.




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