Iron Pig


If you don’t want your first 5k to be a large-scale race with thousands of runners, I recommend you pick a local race instead of a nation or world-wide one. One of the first 5ks I ever ran was one called the Iron Pig Festival in Fayetteville, AR ( There was only around 100 runners participating. It took place on an airport runway so it was very simple and not too challenging since the entire 3 miles had no hills. Even though this race didn’t have any special flourishes like the color run, it was still a lot of fun. Complete strangers shout words of encouragement to all the runners. Hearing their support helps provide that extra bit of exertion needed to run across the finish line. I’m always amazed at how incredibly nice the people are at races. Their attitude creates a friendly, happy environment and makes the whole experience more enjoyable. The great state of Arkansas is full of friendly 5ks: Pick a race and see first-hand what all the hype is about!


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